16 design experts, tell us what their dream outside relaxation space looks like.

What does your dream outside relaxation space look like?

Well, we asked 16 designers from around the world, what their dream space looked like and we have some ideas 💡 to steal and some we can only dream about.



Nicole Corr Home+Decorating+Ideas
Nicole Corr Green Isle Landscapes



To be honest, my dream outside relaxation space looks very colourful and pretty much like a spring day, I love sitting under a Jacaranda tree watching it cast shadows over a soft lush green lawn, a lounge chair complete with feather cushions and my favourite ♥ read, oh and a glass of  ice-cold Pimms, with mint & lemonade.

 To be able to sit and unwind is a treat, bringing up a young family & our family businesses there is never much time these days for that R word. 

Jacaranda tree

Pimms recipe




Susanne Stewart Home+Decorating+Ideas
Susanne Stewart Life on Pearl Street

My dream outside relaxation space would consist of a brick patio partially covered with a pergola.  Under the pergola would be seating for friends and family to lounge in when they come over. 

I would have a ceiling fan mounted in the pergola for those hot summer nights.  On the uncovered side of the patio would be lounge chairs for soaking up the sun and an area with a fire pit for the cool spring and fall evenings and roasting marshmallows with the grand littles. 

Landscaping around the patio would include colourful perennial flowers, so I don’t have to replant every year, and low maintenance green foliage.




Jessica Devlin Home+Decorating+Ideas
Jessica Devlin Jessica Devlin Design


My ideal outside relaxation space is all about low key entertaining. I can picture kids running around the yard as burgers sizzle on the barbeque.

Friends laughing while sitting on oversized, overstuffed outdoor furniture. The perfect backyard is one that brings everyone together.





Sarah Foote Home+Decorating+Ideas.png
Sarah Foote The Project Pile

My dream outside relaxation space would start out with a quaint stone patio, such as cobblestone or flagstone. It would be surrounded by shrubs and trees for privacy, and pretty whitish flowers like peonies, roses and cherry blossoms, for a hint of romance… Candles and lanterns would help to create the perfect ambiance. Any type of water feature close by would also be amazing…

Maybe a pond with a waterfall, or even a fountain trickling out of some nearby stones. I’m not sure why, but being near the water, or even just the sound of water gives me a real calming and peaceful effect.

A view of the evening sunsets would definitely be a must if possible, along with a nice glass of wine, and maybe even a fire pit for after the sun goes down, to keep me nice and cosy while I stare at the stars!




Kimms Boes Home+Decorating+Ideas
Kimm Boes Reinvented

My dream outside space is the back porch on a lovely farmhouse overlooking the land. The porch would be shaded from the sun and full of comfortable seating, plants, books, and board games. There would be a beautiful outdoor bed suspended from the ceiling for naps, and lots of lemonade, sweet tea, and cookies for snacks.

I would have a gorgeous flower garden and a gardener to take care of it. 😉




Christy Harper Home+Decorating+Ideas
Christy Harper The Harper House


I grew up on a farm, so my version of an outside relaxation space includes a large lawn and a well manicured pond with a floating dock and plenty of good fishing spots 🙂

I’d also include a nice patio area with comfy chairs and a fire pit to roast smokes and enjoy family chats around the fire.



Sam List 1494898970187
Pam List mommacan

My outdoor relaxation space would have a cushioned porch swing with whimsical ferns in painted pots and tons of pink impatience and other colourful annuals and perennials to keep the bees happy and add a little joy to any passer-by. 

It would look out to a mossy stone path to the backyard. The walk would be a refreshing respite from the summer son with tall white pines and an occasional pink dogwood that would be like with blossoms in the spring. 

 The backyard would be a place for entertaining guests, but two comfy lounge chairs complete with sturdy weatherproof occasional table so that this tired momma could put her feet up and enjoy a tangy lemonade or a nice bold chardonnay with some good cheese.




Sam Franklin Home+Decorating+Ideas.png
Sam Franklin A Happy Home In Holland


My dream outside relaxation space would consist of a well laid and attractive looking patio area that looks out on a lush green lawn where the kids can play. The garden would be surrounded by well-planted borders and a few carefully chosen and well-maintained trees and bushes (I love fruit trees, white hydrangea bushes and large boxwood topiary balls).

I think lighting can play a really big part in changing the mood and feel during the evening, so I would also like spotlights shining up to highlight certain trees, bushes and different areas within in the garden. In this perfect garden, there would also need to be a super comfy sitting area to chill out with a glass of wine and a good book.

And last but not least it would really need an extra large rustic looking table and chair set to seat all our guests during BBQs and parties.





Emily Flint Home+Decorating+Ideas
Emily Flint Semi Gloss Design



My backyard is already pretty dreamy. Because there’s always room for improvement and a project, I would love to add a giant koi pond to the backyard. Watching koi and enjoying a coffee outside would a dreamy way to relax.

Since it’s a dream space, I would add a big cushy sectional with deep cushions that would never get stained with leaf and pollen debris.




Yami Platero.png
Yami Platero The Latino Next Door

My dream outdoor relaxation space has to have an outdoor sectional under a covered patio with an outdoor fireplace.

It would need to have sheer white drapes hanging all around and beautiful lanterns so I can light them up with candles to enjoy warm evenings in the summer.




Jennifer Gainer Home+Decorating+Ideas
Jennifer Gainer Jenron Designs



“I am currently participating in the One Room Challenge, so I am luck to be creating my dream outdoor space right now. I have always wanted A Southern Style Sleeping Porch. A place to relax, surround myself with nature, enjoy the breeze and read a good book.

My plan includes sea glass colour theme, a full sized daybed for lounging, white sheers to blow in the breeze, and a fireplace.

It is amazing at night when the crickets and tree frogs on the lake behind our house start to sing and the fireflies come out, I love how magical the space becomes.





Denise Bryant Home+Decorating+Ideas
Denise Bryant My Thrifty House



My dream outdoor space for relaxation has flower beds that bloom all summer long and a huge vegetable garden. It would have an in-ground pool with a tranquil waterfall that flows into the pool.

There would also be a gazebo that covers the hot tub with sheer flowing curtains blowing in the wind. A stone walkway that leads to a wood fire pizza oven with clear light bulbs hanging lighting the path. I

t would also have comfy wicker furniture surrounding a stone fire pit where family and friends could gather for parties, special occasions or lazy summer days.




Tina Bousu Home+Decorating+Ideas
Tina Bousu Eclectic Twist



Plenty of nature in the form of trees, plants and flowers everywhere.

Comfy lounging furniture that invites you in and is full of colour is an absolute must, that includes a big porch overlooking the yard with an amazing hanging daybed! 

And the only sounds are the laughter of my kids, the breeze in the trees and birds chirping.  Sounds heavenly right?!





Susie Kuc Home+Decorating+Ideas
Susie Kuc Tiny House Giant Life



We currently have a backyard with tons of potential, but it is lacking a bit. We would really like a privacy fence to keep road noise and onlooking eyes away, a nice fire pit for our chilly New England nights, and string lights hanging above the outdoor space.

There is just something about the sparkle of those string lights and a fire that make me want to grab a blanket and curl up!!!! Oh!! and a glass of wine, that’s a must.





Sam Hay Home+Decorating+Ideas.png
Sam Hay Raggedy Bits



Our outdoor relaxation space would be full of garden beds with lots of blooms, a vegetable patch and a small fruit orchid.

There would be an entertaining area to share with our family and friends that would be styled Vintage Farmhouse with an outdoor fireplace and a pond trickling with some fish in it.

A neutral pallet with the décor which would be brightened up with lots of flowers.





Liz Elliot Home+Decorating+Ideas
Liz Elliot Franc and Eli



Tons and tons of plants! Plus a courtyard-like area and a large seating area with bistro lighting for entertainment and outdoor dining. 

I’d like it to have an eclectic jungle-like feel, with lots of large tropical leaves, flowers in lots of different colours, and bright accents.

With summer coming in the northern hemisphere and winter coming in the south, it’s a time for change.

It has been amazing and fun working along side of these amazing designers and bloggers. Check out their websites and blog, they all have some great ideas. Tell us what your dream relaxation space in the comments below or on our Green Isle Landscapes Facebook page.

Heart shaped trunk

♥♥♥♥♥ Nicole


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