The grass is always greener on the other side…. or is it?

The grass is always greener on the other side, mean anything to you?

Are you obsessed with your lawn?

That green patch of grass in the front or back garden. Well to be honest good grass can be as big of a mind field as your rose bush, and this goes for the novice (me) to experienced gardener (hubby).

In our first series of Grass blog posts you are going to get some great information from the experienced gardener (Noel) and the trials & tribulations from the novice (me… Nicole).

Now, as you know, we have come into the cooler months, gosh…. I can not believe it is nearly May already and now that it is Autumn to be exact, it is time to feed your lawn. BUT first…..

What lawn do you have?

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Green Isle Landscapes Types of Grass

Attached above is a freebie, yes this is a free PDF you may want to print out from the link above then try to print out this whole Blog post. Everyone loves a freebie, don’t they, wink wink…

Some Lawn Grasses
Type of grass Suitable Climate Available as Advantages Disadvantages
Couch Subtropical Temperature Turf, Sprigs, Runners Soft
Quality fine leaved appearance
May wear thin in high traffic areas
Runners are very invasive of garden beds if not controlled Needs frequent mowing
Goes brown after frost
Kikuyu Subtropical Temperature Turf, runners Hard wearing
Inexpensive as turf
Good around pools as it resists chlorinated water
Runners are invasive
Fast growth necessitates frequent mowing
Needs a lot of water and fertiliser
Browns off after frost.
Buffalo Subtropical Temperature Turf, runners Very hard wearing
Requires more shade
Likes light frosts
Needs less mowing
Prickly and rough
Fairly coarse looking
Saltene Subtropical Temperature Turf, runners Handsome fine leaves
Looks unattractive through coldish winters
Kentucky Bluegrass or Ryegrass blends Cool Turf, seed Stays green through cold winters
Hard wearing attractive blue-green colour
Demands a lot of feeding and watering in summer and very frequent mowing
Bent Cool Turf, seed Very luxurious -looking
Very soft and comfortable Stays green through cold winters.
Not hard-wearing
Needs frequent de-thatching and a lot of summer water
Easily invaded by weeds.
Bahia Tropical, subtropical Runners, seed Hard wearing
Takes some shade in the tropics
Relatively inexpensive.
Rather course-looking, needs a lot of dry season water
Zoysia Tropical  Turf, runners,plugs Very attractive
Luxurious-looking lawn
Slow-growing, easily invaded by weeds and expensive. 


First things first…..

Get to know your lawn, not your neighbours lawn. I know our lawn at home has a mixture of couch & buffalo because of its nearly 40 year life span, originally being laid by my dad, then improved by brother during his days at Roma Street Parklands with his new found knowledge and off cuts from the luxe lawns there & now by Noel who spends most of his life outside in our garden.

Spending time in your garden will make you question whether the grass is always greener on the other side, because you and only you can make it better through trial and error. Through learning and understanding your area and needs.

I hoping you will embrace the guide above for your geographical area and also for your type of lawn. Perhaps you might dig it up and lay some new turf or seeds, that’s totally up to you.

Our next instalment is to give you a feed back on our lawn feeder exercise, where to go for the goods, prices and progressive results…. We will also be offering up a challenge to you. If you are up for it we would like to hear from you.

We are based in South East Queensland and will be doing a Grass blog spot check on local suppliers with grass types offered, the prices, and our overall feedback for you guys to sit back and read over with your fav beverage and outdoor relaxing spot.

Buffalo Grass



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