Bringing home a lush green plant

So, have you ever purchased a beautiful, lush green plant from a multi product, retail store with in store marketing, bright lights directing to you the plant section and ‘buy me’ ‘buy me’ ‘ buy me’ frenzy taking over, only to get it home and before the next episode of Downton Abbey comes on the telly it has gone limp, droopy and dies.

Hands Up…… me, yes I have, …. me, I had no idea what I was doing or buying to be honest, I’m Nicole the wife of Noel, the owner of Green Isle Landscapes

. He use to laugh at me for attempting to buy these plants and mumble under his breath at people fascinating themselves, fluttering about like butterfly’s to nectar on pretty flowers… deciding which one to buy. I have learnt so much and I am sharing some hints and tips.

In our first post for our new blog… whoo hoo, we are going to discuss ideas on what to look for when buying a plant for your part of mother nature. Selecting a good plant…. hints & tips on what to look out for & why you are probably not the cause of your plant taking an early departure from your life.

With my past behind me, and at a very early age I was forced like any red-blooded young women would do, I bought an Aloe Vera plant. I thought strong, sturdy and unkillable…. ha-ha.  This 25-year-old beauty,… aka Vera…, is now a part of the family and has grown in size, multiplied, grown again and we have it in many pots outside and in. One of the larger pots is fairly huge and its root bound, discussing it last weekend we are planning on separating it in many smaller manageable pots. So, secretly I succeeded with this one after so many others not meeting the same fate.

So, this leads me to ask you, do you know what to look for when buying a plant over the counter?

  1. Which retail store & counter should you buy from I hear you ask? Perhaps choose a specialist nursery and you will be privy to learned advice concerning the growth and habit of your chosen plant.
  2. Weeds sharing pots with your plant isn’t fabulous.
  3. Stems with very little foliage going on is like a glamour goddess at a black tie ball in a her active wear…. she is gunna want to ground to swallow her up.
  4. The quality of the greenery #Pantonecolour2017, is a priority, discoloured leaves, limpness or drooping generally means it’s on its way out.
  5. Bringing home freebies like pests and disease will bring you ‘Dis-Ease’
  6. If you are still unsure, do a sneaky root check…. EEEK, I mean carefully turn the pot upside down and take the foliage and soil out to check if it is root bound.
  7. Look for moist soil as opposed to dry soil (which isn’t fabulous), and look for more soil filling the pot than roots.
  8. Legs are a good in a red wine or on a lady perhaps showing signs of good breeding, unfortunately in plants it’s not what you want. Look for other options at the same store or perhaps just leave.
I hope this has been of some help to you and we would love your feed back, message us with your questions, queries and ideas.

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